Ecclesiastes 12

12 Remember your Creator     in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come     and the years approach when you will say,     “I find no pleasure in them”— 2 before the sun and the light     and the moon and the stars grow dark,     and the clouds return after the rain; 3 when the keepers of the house tremble, […]

Ecclesiastes 11

Invest in Many Ventures 11 Ship your grain across the sea;     after many days you may receive a return. 2 Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight;     you do not know what disaster may come upon the land. 3 If clouds are full of water,     they pour rain on the earth. Whether a tree falls to the south or […]

Ecclesiastes 10

10 As dead flies give perfume a bad smell,     so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor. 2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right,     but the heart of the fool to the left. 3 Even as fools walk along the road,     they lack sense     and show everyone how stupid they are. 4 If a ruler’s anger rises against […]

Ecclesiastes 9

A Common Destiny for All 9 So I reflected on all this and concluded that the righteous and the wise and what they do are in God’s hands, but no one knows whether love or hate awaits them. 2 All share a common destiny—the righteous and the wicked, the good and the bad, the clean and the unclean, […]

Ecclesiastes 8

8 Who is like the wise?     Who knows the explanation of things? A person’s wisdom brightens their face     and changes its hard appearance. Obey the King 2 Obey the king’s command, I say, because you took an oath before God. 3 Do not be in a hurry to leave the king’s presence. Do not stand up for a bad cause, […]

Ecclesiastes 7

Wisdom 7 A good name is better than fine perfume,     and the day of death better than the day of birth. 2 It is better to go to a house of mourning     than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone;     the living should take this to heart. 3 Frustration is better than laughter, […]

Ecclesiastes 6

6 I have seen another evil under the sun, and it weighs heavily on mankind: 2 God gives some people wealth, possessions and honor, so that they lack nothing their hearts desire, but God does not grant them the ability to enjoy them, and strangers enjoy them instead. This is meaningless, a grievous evil. 3 A man may have a […]

Ecclesiastes 5

Fulfill Your Vow to God 5 Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. Go near to listen rather than to offer the sacrifice of fools, who do not know that they do wrong. 2 Do not be quick with your mouth,     do not be hasty in your heart     to utter anything before God. […]

Ecclesiastes 4

Oppression, Toil, Friendlessness 4 Again I looked and saw all the oppression that was taking place under the sun: I saw the tears of the oppressed—     and they have no comforter; power was on the side of their oppressors—     and they have no comforter. 2 And I declared that the dead,     who had already died, are happier than […]

Ecclesiastes 3

A Time for Everything 3 There is a time for everything,     and a season for every activity under the heavens: 2     a time to be born and a time to die,     a time to plant and a time to uproot, 3     a time to kill and a time to heal,     a time to tear down and a time to build, […]